Working with text input fields

You will often encounter text input fields in Netquiz Web+. In these input fields, texts are in HTML format; you can also insert other types of media files.

Using editing tools

When you click inside the text input field, the main editing tool bar will appear.

You can activate the full-screan mode by clicking on the  icon and all of the editing tools will appear. 

Many of these tools can be found in other software applications. To help guide you, when you move your cursor over the tool icon, a tooltip explains the tool. Here we explain some tools you might be less familiar with.

Activate/disactivate full-screan mode
  • Enlarge the text input field to facilitate editing
  • Display all of the editing tools
  • Leave full-screan mode
Add a media file
  • Add a media file from your library into the text input field
  • see how
Add/edit an image
  • Add a media file to the text input field from a website

Add/edit a link

  • Add a hyperlink to a text input field
Edit HTML source code
  • Edit the HTML content of a text copied into a text input field
Delete the formating
  • Delete all the formating parameters from a text copied to a text input field

Add a horizontal line
  • Add a simple line or a parametered line to a text input field.