Here you’ll find the answers to the questions that are the most frequently asked by Netquiz Web+ users, grouped into different themes.


I’m a new Netquiz Web+ user. How do I post an assessment?

The quickest way to post an assessment is to first create a new questionnaire and fill out all the fields on the homepage, and then to add items by moving the cursor over the gear icon on the right side of the screen. All items and media files that you add to a questionnaire are automatically saved to the library, so that you can use them again. Once you are done, you can post an assessment from the questionnaire by clicking on Assessments, at the top of the page. For more details about these steps, view the related videos and articles in Netquiz Web+ Help.

Do my students need to create a Netquiz Web+ account to access an assessment?

No. They can access it directly through its URL.  

What details do I need to provide to my students to allow them to complete a summative assessment?

You need to provide them with the assessment’s URL and access code—which you set before posting the assessment—as well as the Identifier, Pseudonym and Group (optional).

Is the identification page of the summative assessment customizable?

You cannot add or delete fields, buttons or messages in the identification page or any page in Netquiz Web+, but you can modify all the messages and button labels on the identification page by clicking on My languages.

Is there an option for students to freely browse through a summative assessment?

No. When in summative mode, questions appear one at a time, and going back or editing an answer that was submitted is not allowed. 

Can I view my students’ answers once they’ve completed an assessment?

Netquiz Web+ saves the answers only to Essay and Revision items. Only the results are saved for other question types.

Can I give students a marked copy of their assessments?

This is not an option in Netquiz Web+.Also, the answers to Essay and Revision items are saved, while only the results are saved for other question types.

Can I send students their results individually in PDF format?

This is not an option in Netquiz Web+. However, in the questionnaire parameters, you can activate the option to display the results page, so that your students can view and print their results once they have completed their assessment. 

Is it possible to allow the identification of students for a formative assessment?

No. Formative assessments can only be done anonymously. However, you can ask for the students’ first and last names as part of an Essay item and not assign points. You will then be able to view the identity of a student by clicking on the dash in the Identifier column of the participant list for this assessment and reading the answer to the Essay item.  

Is it possible to activate feedback for a summative assessment?

Feedback is available only in formative mode and is automatically deactivated in summative mode.

When a summative assessment is scheduled, is there an option to display a timer or a countdown clock?

No. When you schedule a summative assessment, you must tell your students how much time they have to answer all the questions—the questionnaire’s homepage is a great place to include this information. While they complete the assessment, participants will see how many pages there are and what page they are on. A pop-up window will appear five minutes before the end of the assessment to warn them that any answer entered after those five minutes will not be saved. 

Is it possible to limit how much time is allowed to answer each question in a questionnaire?

No. You can only limit how much time is allowed to complete the whole questionnaire.

Is it possible to customize the time limit to complete a summative assessment in order to accommodate students who require special measures?

In this particular case, you can schedule two different summative assessments with different time limits from the same questionnaire and give your students who require it the URL to the assessment that allows more time.

What happens if a student encounters technical issues while completing their summative assessment?

If, for whatever reason, a student leaves Netquiz Web+ during a summative assessment, they can go back to it using the URL. By entering their same identifier and pseudonym, they will go right back where they were. If the assessment was scheduled and too much time has passed before the student could log back in, you have to come to an agreement with them on how they can make up for the lost time.

Is it possible to modify the end time of an ongoing assessment?

No. But if the assessment has just started, you could schedule a new assessment and send the new URL to participants.

For how long are the results saved in Netquiz Web+?

Assessments remain in the assessment list and their results are viewable for as long as they’re not moved to the recycle bin. It is still recommended to export the results in CSV or PDF format and save a local copy.

How many times can participants redo a formative assessment?

There is no limit to the number of attempts in a formative assessment. Participants can redo questionnaires and/or questions as many times as they want.


Are there options in Netquiz Web+ to prevent participants from sharing or minimizing the screen and to supervise them using a webcam in order to prevent plagiarism and cheating?

Netquiz Web+ doesn’t have those options, but you can still use a videoconferencing app to supervise your virtual classroom during an assessment.

To prevent cheating, you could randomize the presentation of certain items and elements, or have Netquiz Web+ select a certain number of items from a bank of items in questionnaires with no sections. To learn more, view the related articles in Netquiz Web+ Help.

Is there an option to keep a student from doing the same summative assessment several times from the URL and access code provided?

As long as an assessment is active, a student could access it using different identifiers. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to limit access to the assessment by setting a start and end time, and by allowing students only the minimum amount of time required to answer all the questions. This way, students won’t have time to do the assessment several times, and the assessment will automatically become inactive at the end of the scheduled period.

Is it possible to limit access to a summative assessment to certain people or certain groups?

Netquiz Web+ doesn’t offer the option to preregister certain people or groups, or to limit access to those people.


Can several questions be added to the same page?

In Netquiz Web+, an item corresponds to a single question and a single page. However, you can include several blanks, highlights or selections to a Fill in the blanks, Highlight or Revision item, but there is only one Submit button per page.

Can mathematical expressions in LaTeX format be included, for instance with MathJax, when writing questions?

Yes. The MathJax library has been integrated into Netquiz Web+, and you can input mathematical expressions (e.g., || y = 2x ||) in most of the text fields. You can preview your formula by generating an overview of your item or questionnaire.

Note that the vertical double lines serve as start and close delimiters for the formula. To learn the syntax for mathematical formulas and see examples, please refer to http://www.hostmath.com/ or http://arachnoid.com/latex/.

Where is the mathematical formula editor in Netquiz Web+?

Netquiz Web+ does not include a mathematical formula editor. You can use an online formula editor that is compatible with MathJax (e.g., http://www.hostmath.com/), and copy-and-paste the syntax of the formula in Netquiz Web+ by adding double vertical lines before and after the formula (e.g., || y = 2x ||).

Can a PDF file be inserted in a questionnaire?

This cannot be done unless you have a hyperlink to the file. If you have a link, you can simply insert it under the Add-ons tab, for example.

I created a questionnaire with 25 questions, and I chose to randomize 20 of those 25 questions. However, I would also like to make 2 of the 25 questions mandatory. Can I do that?

Netquiz Web+ does not allow you to make certain questions mandatory among a bank of questions. The best solution would be to create a questionnaire with 20 questions, including your 2 mandatory questions, and to present them in random order.

I would like to design a questionnaire that would randomly select items (questions) belonging to three different categories (e.g., five items in the Agreements category, five items in the Syntax category, and five items in the Punctuation category). Can I do that?

Netquiz Web+ does allow you to randomly choose a number of items among those included in a questionnaire with no sections, but those items must be of the same nature or level of difficulty, since the random selection cannot be refined. This means that you cannot draw from three different banks, or force the selection of items belonging to a particular category.

Can the font size be increased or can special characters be added in a text field?

Yes, but only in text fields that include an editing toolbar. All of the available editing tools will appear when you click on the full-screen mode icon .

What is the difference between categories and collections?

Categories are used to classify items, while collections are used to classify questionnaires. This means that categories and collections have the same function, but serve to classify different elements of a project. They are not visible in the posted questionnaires; they are used only to make it easier for users to manage items and questionnaires. For instance, a French teacher could create the Syntaxe, Accords, Ponctuation and Vocabulaire categories, and associate each item with one of those categories. When the teacher assembles a questionnaire, it will be easier for them to choose adequate items from the library.


Can questions be imported from Moodle to Netquiz Web+?

Unfortunately, questions created in Moodle cannot be imported to Netquiz Web+.

Can Netquiz Web+ questionnaires be exported in SCORM format so they can be integrated into a learning management system?  

No. However, you could post the link to your assessment in your learning management system.

Can I export my questionnaires?

Yes. Netquiz Web+ questionnaires can be exported in XML format, which makes it possible to import them to another project, or to another Netquiz Web or Netquiz Web+ account.


I made a mistake when I filled out the Netquiz Web+ sign-up form. What can I do?

Contact the CCDMD by email at soutien@ccdmd.qc.ca to inquire about the situation.

I requested a Netquiz Web+ account two business day ago, and I still have not received a response. What should I do?

Check your spam email folder first. If you have not received any email from Netquiz Web+, you might have made a typo when you filled out the sign-up form, and your email address might be invalid. Contact the CCDMD by email at soutien@ccdmd.qc.ca to inquire about the situation.

My Netquiz Web+ account is locked. What should I do?

Your account may have been locked out after several unsuccessful login attempts. Contact the CCDMD by email at soutien@ccdmd.qc.ca to reactivate your account.

How can I access the English version of Netquiz Web+?

To use the English-language Netquiz Web+ interface, click on English in the lower left-hand corner of the page. If you want to use the French-language interface, but want to post your questionnaires in English, select English in the Language for preview or publication of this questionnaire menu, in the questionnaire parameters.

How can collaborators access the questionnaires in my project?

The people that you invite to collaborate to your project will receive an email with a link enabling them to access the project. If they do not have a Netquiz Web+ account, they will first be invited to create one. Collaborators have the same rights or access privileges as you do, except that they cannot invite new members to work on the project, and they cannot activate, deactivate or delete your project.