My Media files

Media files include image, audio and video files that are saved in a project's library. You can use them to give a multimedia aspect to your Netquiz Web+ questionnaires.

The following file formats are compatible with Netquiz Web+:

  • Images: GIF, PNG and JPEG
  • Audio: MP3
  • Video: MP4 (H.264)

To display the list of media files:

At the top of the Netquiz Web+ page, click on Library, then, in the menu on the left under Library, click on My mediaFrom this page, you can use all of the functions related to media files: add new media, modify, flag, print or move to recycle bin.

The columns in the list are as follows:

  • Code: Unique code number assigned by Netquiz Web+ when the media file is saved.
  • Title: Name assigned by the user.
  • Type: Type of media file: Image, Audio or Video.
  • Description: Description of media file.
  • Note: Comment related to a media file when it is created or modified. The content of this field is not visible in the published questionnaire. Notes can help you manage the content or work in collaboration with a colleague and items that are marked “To be reviewed”, “Check copyrights”, etc.).
  • Modification date: Date and time that the media file was last saved. 
  • Star icon: An orange star is used to flag a media file or files to which you want to draw a special attention, e.g., files that need to be modified. You can flag or unflag a media file by clicking on the star next to the item in the list or by using the command Flag for one or more items in the list.
  • Hyperlink icon: This icon indicates that the media file is linked to one or more other questionnaires. When you move the cursor over the icon, a list appears showing the code of these questionnaires.