Netquiz Web+

Netquiz Web+ is a tool created by the CCDMD that allows you to easily create exercises, quizzes and formative or summative assessments, and to publish them online with a single click.

Netquiz Web+ project is a collection of questionnaires prepared using items and media files from the project's library. The collaboration function allows several users to work on the same project.

Netquiz Web+ questionnaires can be formative or summative. They are created in French or in English and can also be translated into other languages. It is also possible to add a glossary of terms for the participant's use.

Assessments are the end product of questionnaires. You can create as many assessments as you wish from one questionnaire, and set start and end dates and times for each one (optional).

The library of a Netquiz Web+ project contains the elements needed to create questionnaires, such as items, medias files, collections to sort questionnaires, categories to sort items, a list of terms for the glossary and the list of languages in which questionnaires are posted.

Netquiz Web+ items are the building blocks of questionnaires. There are 14 item types involving different interactions from the participant in the form of question pages. Another item type (Page) is used to create the other pages.

Media files, including images, audio files and videos, are easy to integrate into the items of a questionnaire.

Terms are words or expressions that are saved in the library and can be used to create glossaries that can be associated with questionnaires.

With Languages, you can edit preprogrammed messages and create questionnaires in languages other than French and English.