My Projects

A Netquiz Web+ project brings together all the questionnaires that share the elements saved to the project’s own library, including the items, media files, collections, categories, terms and languages. You can create several projects, allowing you to have completely separate work environments. You can also use the Import and Export functions to copy items and questionnaires from one project to another.

When you connect to Netquiz Web+ for the first time, it will ask you to create your first project. Its title appears at the top of the page next to the mention Current project. When you add a new project and its status is Active, its title will appear in the popup list of the Current project, where you can select the project on which you want to work.

Displaying the list of projects:

At the top of the Netquiz Web+ page, click on Account. Then, in the menu on the left under the Account, click on My projects.

You can add, edit or delete a project on this page. You can also invite other users as collaborators or assessment managers. Collaborators can also add, edit or delete content, but they can’t invite other users or activate, deactivate or delete the project. Assessment managers only have access to the project Assessments section. They can post assessments and see the results, but they don’t have access to questionnaires, media, items and other project content.

The columns in the list are as follows:

  • Code: Unique code number assigned by Netquiz Web+ when the project is saved.
  • Project title: Title given by the user under the Content tab when the project is created or modified.
  • Manager: Name of the person responsible for the project.
  • Identifier: Unique identifier given to the project by the user when the project is created.
  • Status: Project status as determined when the project is created or modified. A project can be either Active or Inactive.
  • Modification date: Date and time when the project was last saved.