My Items

A Netquiz Web+ questionnaire is made up of different components that are assembled like building blocks to form the questions. Items are the essential components of any question.

NOTE: One should not confuse items (which are part of the questionnaire) with questions (which are part of the published assessment). The item can be seen as one of the Netquiz Web+ building blocks that you use in preparing the pages of your questionnaire, whether the pages are in fact questions or pages used to frame your questionnaire. A question is shown to participants in the assessment and requires an answer. This means that questions are built based on items to which you can add images, video or sound files in order to create a multimedia questionnaire that can be used to publish one or several assessments.

Items are recorded in the Library of a Netquiz Web+ project. That way you can file and reuse an item in many different questionnaires belonging to the same project. You can build 15 different types of items, 14 of which are designed to interact with the participant as question pages. The last type, Page, is used to build intermediary pages, as needed.

Icon  Item Type Description
  Matching Matching elements in the first column with elements in the second column.
  Multiple choice Choosing one answer from several proposed answers.
  Classification Categorizing the items, which can be either words or images, into file folders.
  Matching board Finding matching pairs of items, which can be either words or images, within a grid.
  Essay Answering freely or expressing an opinion on a given subject.
  Dictation Transcribing the content of an audio or video file.
  Highlight Finding items in a text and highlighting them using different colours.
  Sequencing Arranging elements in order, which can be either words or images.
  Short answer Writing a short answer to a given question.
  Multiple answers Choosing one or several answers among those offered.
  Revision Correcting the linguistic errors in a text.
  Fill in the blanks Completing a text by adding the missing words or expressions.
  True or false Choosing either of the two possible answers.
  Identify parts of an image
Identifying the components of an image.
  Page Creating pages for your questionnaire that are not question pages.


To display the list of items:

At the top of the Netquiz Web+ page, click on Library, and then, in the left‑hand menu under Library, click on My items.

On this page, you can use all of the functions related to items: adding a new item, modifying, duplicating, flagging, seeing a web preview, adding an item to a questionnaire, exporting, printing, deleting forms for your items, and creating categories to classify items.

The columns in the list are as follows:

  • Code: Unique number given by Netquiz Web+ when the item is recorded.
  • Title: Name given to the item, under the Content tab, by the user when the item is created or modified.
  • Type: Type of item chosen from the Add new item menu when the item is created or modified. The interaction with the participant varies depending on the type of item.
  • Category: The chosen category when the item is created or modified. Although it is not essential for items to belong to a category, categories can help you organize your items.
  • Note: Comment added under the Parameters tab concerning an item when it was created or modified. The content of this field is not visible in the published questionnaire. Notes can help you manage the content or work in collaboration with a colleague and items that are marked “To be reviewed”, “To be completed”, “Check copyrights”, etc.).
  • Modification date: Date and time that an item was last saved.
  • Star icon: An orange star is used to flag an item or items that you want to draw special attention to, whether it is a favourite item or an item to be reviewed or completed. You can flag or unflag the item by clicking on the star next to the item in the list or by using the Flag command for one or more items in the list.
  • Hyperlink icon: This icon indicates that an item is linked to one or more other questionnaires. When you move the cursor over the icon, a list appears showing the title and code of these questionnaires.