Adding a new project

Each new project has its own distinct library containing its items, media files, collections, categories, terms and languages.

To add a new project:

  1. At the top of the Netquiz Web+ page, click on Account.
  2. In the menu to the left of the title, under Account, click on My projects; this will display the list of projects.
  3. Click on Add a project; this will display the form for the project.
  4. Fill out all applicable fields and click on Save.


Project title

This title will appear in the list of projects.

Project unique identifier

Enter a unique identifier for the project. Once saved, the identifier cannot be modified. It will appear as the file name in the URL (address) of all the assessments you post.

Project status

Active or Inactive.

Project manager

Your name and email address are automatically displayed.


Inviting a new user

To invite a new user to collaborate with you on a project (optional), enter their email address and assign them either one of the following roles: collaborator or assessment manager (find out more). Click on Send invitation.