Organizing my questionnaires into collections

Questionnaires don’t have to belong to a collection, but collections can help you to better organize your questionnaires. 

Collections’ details are saved in the project's library. Commands that apply to collections, such as Duplicate or Print, work the same as they do elsewhere in Netquiz Web+.

Collections List

At the top of the Netquiz Web+ page, click on Library. In the menu on the left under Library, click on My collections.

These are the list columns:

  • Code: Unique number assigned by Netquiz Web+ when the collection is saved.
  • Title: Name of the collection
  • Note: The content of this field is not visible in the published questionnaire. Notes can help you manage the content or work in collaboration with a colleague and identify items that are marked “To check”, “To complete” or “Check copyrights”, etc.
  • Modification date: Date and time that the collection was last saved.