Posting an assessment from a questionnaire

To post an assessment from a questionnaire:

  1. Click on Questionnaires at the top of the Netquiz Web+ page to display a list. 
  2. Click on the title of the questionnaire from which you want to post an assessment.
  3. Go to the Assessment tab.
  4. Give your assessment a title. This title will not be visible to the participants. It will only be used to find the assessment in the assessment list.
  5. Under Unique ID for URL, enter an identifier of your choosing. It will be placed after the set prefix and form your assessment's URL address. 
  6. Under Access code (displayed in summative mode only), enter a code of your choosing, which you will provide to the participants so they can access the assessment.
  7. Select the Assessment period: now or custom.
  8. Click on Post assessment.

A confirmation message will appear in a banner. Click on the URL in this banner to view your assessment.

IMPORTANT: Any change made to a questionnaire will be reflected in any assessment that is linked to it. It is therefore recommended to avoid modifying a questionnaire with any active assessments.