Dividing a questionnaire into sections

To divide a questionnaire into sections:

  1. In the questionnaire form, move the cursor over the gear icon to display the list of available commands.
  2. Click on Add a section to display the section form.
  3. Enter the section title, which will appear at the top of each page in this section. Then, select the order in which the questions will be presented to the participant during the assessment (random or predetermined, as shown in the left pane). Click on Save.
  4. In the left pane, place the section title where you want it in the questionnaire by dragging and dropping it.
  5. Now drag and drop the item titles under the section title and in the desired order; make sure item titles have a larger left indent.

To delete a section, select it with the arrow in the items list displayed on the left. Move the cursor over the gear icon and click on Delete this section and its content.

When you delete a section and its content, you cannot recover them from the recycling bin. To add items to the questionnaire once again, click on Add to a questionnaire.