Adding a new questionnaire

A questionnaire is always associated to a project and is made up of items and media files that are saved in the project's library. Questionnaires from a project can be organized into collections – collections are not mandatory, but using them is an efficient way to organize your work.

  1. Display the list of questionnaires by clicking on Questionnaires at the top of the Netquiz Web+ page or, in the menu on the left, under the title Questionnaires, and click on My questionnaires.
  2. Click on Add a new questionnaire, to the right of My questionnaires; a questionnaire form will appear.
  3. Fill in the text input fields.
  4. Click on the Save button to save the information or click on Cancel if you do not wish to save the changes.

At the top and bottom of the page, you will find the Save button to save the information you have entered, the Cancel button (if you choose not to save any information) and the Preview button to see how the questionnaire will appear to the participant once published.

Questionnaires are defined under the three following tabs: Parameters, Theme and Glossary.